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10 Websites To Help You Learn To Be An Expert In Motorcycle Key Fobs


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Motorcycle Key Repair

A motorcycle is a great option to get out on the open road and all the thrilling adventures it has to offer. However it can be a hassle when you lose your keys, or you have one stuck in the ignition.

There are many ways to get your bike back on the road with no compromise to your freedom. This article will go over some of the common problems that could impact your bike and the ways you can do to resolve them.

Damaged Ignition Cylinder

If you find yourself trying to turn on the ignition of your motorcycle, but are not able to, this could be a sign that the ignition cylinder has been damaged. While this isn't always the case it should be investigated.

Damaged ignition cylinders could cause many issues that may affect the ability to start your vehicle. Fortunately, this problem is usually fixable.

1. The Key won't turn - This is a sign that your cylinder is damaged. If you're experiencing issues with this, it's usually due to the pins inside the tumblers breaking down over time.

Try moving the key around in various locations or using lubrication to test if this will help you turn it. If the issue persists, it's a sign that the ignition cylinder is seriously damaged.

2. The Ignition Switch gets stuck - This is when the key touches the ignition button in a manner that causes it jammed or stuck. Try lubricating the switch using a lubricant made of graphite or silicone to help it move freely.

3. The car won't turn on - This is another common sign of an ignition cylinder that is beginning to break down. If your car has transponder keys, it will need to be programmed in order to start the engine.

4. The Ignition Housing Gears Are Broken This is a rare condition, but it could happen to only a handful of models. The ignition is then able to turn off and on loudly.

5. Keys that are worn-out - A worn key can cause damage to the "wafer tumblers" or pins within the lock cylinder. This can stop the key from turning correctly and preventing it from unlocking your car.

It is recommended to get a professional to replace the cylinder for you since this procedure could be too complicated for many people to handle on their own. If the cylinder has been damaged for some time it will have to be replaced with a new one.

Lost Key

Replacing a damaged key for your motorcycle could be a huge difficulty. There are many ways to replace the key that is lost on your motorcycle without spending too much time or money.

A locksmith is the most efficient method to have a new lock made. They will have the right equipment to cut new keys and program them to work with your motorcycle. They also have access to all keys that are blank for current and classic motorcycles.

Another alternative is to take your key to a dealer and get it cut for you. Although this will cost more than a locksmith's key, it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Locksmiths may need to take a photo of the lock inside the ignition key cylinder. This will allow them to determine what cuts and fills are needed to create a key that fits your bicycle.

It is more difficult to use a transponder key. The chip of the key must be connected to your motorcycle's engine computer. Certain models come with immobilizers that stop a key from working until the code is matched.

Even if your vehicle has no immobilizers, losing the transponder's key could be a problem. If the chip isn't properly matched or missing, certain older models will not start.

Fortunately, this isn't always the case . It is possible to have the transponder key replaced at a hardware store or dealership. The cost for this service will vary based on the model and brand of your motorcycle, however, it is a good idea to have this done at least once so you are prepared in the future.

A key fob is another common type of key replacement for motorcycles but it can also be extremely frustrating when you lose one. It is essential to have an extra key in your possession at all times , because if you lose one, your motorcycle assumes you are trying to take it and will not let you start the engine.

Ignition Cylinder Code

It can be a hassle when your key for your motorcycle does not fit in the ignition. It's typically due to an issue with the key or the ignition. If you're not sure of how to repair it, you can get a locksmith take a look at it and determine what needs to be fixed.

The first thing you need to do is find the cylinder number of your motorcycle. The code is usually three to four digits long , spare motorcycle keys and is located on the silver shaft of your ignition cylinder. If you are unable to find it, check the owner's manual or ask a friend to help.

Another option is to take your bike key to a locksmith to have it duplicated. This is a simple, affordable way to get a new key made. Simply bring your old key to the locksmith and they'll use a look up table or a software to determine the cylinder code for your motorcycle.

The locksmith will then be able to cut a duplicate version of your key with the cylinder code that you've located. While it might not be as good or as precise as the original, it should still work if you are looking for an inexpensive key.

Once you have a duplicate you can then start your bike. The only drawback is that your motorcycle's wheels will stay locked until you unlock the steering column with the ignition key.

To ensure your bike is compatible with the replacement ignition cylinder, be sure to read the product's description. You'll want to get one that is specifically designed for your motorcycle and is compatible with the other parts on it.

It is also important to look at the cost to ensure it's affordable and won't be excessively expensive. This is especially important if you're working on a tight budget or need the replacement in a hurry.

The final, but certainly not the least alternative is to purchase a new ignition cylinder altogether. This is a bit longer-lasting, but it's usually is less expensive instead of trying to find your cylinder's coding or locksmiths who can copy your motorcycle's key from your ignition cylinder. The only drawback to this option is that you'll need wait until the part is delivered in.

Padlock Key

Padlocks are locks that can be detached across a variety of applications to prevent unauthorized use as well as vandalism, theft or harm. They are composed of three components comprising a shackle, a body, as well as an opening mechanism.

The most popular padlock component is the shackle. It is made from an aluminum loop that opens when locked. It may be square or round and could also include a chain attached to it. The body is a solid metal piece that houses the lock's internals and the shackle.

Modern keyed padlocks are equipped with discs, tumblers, or cams that secure the shackle when you turn the key. The old padlock was activated by a screw that released a spring that, in turn, freed the shackle.

Based on the design that the padlock is designed, some models use a combination wheel to unlock them. These wheels can get clogged with debris and cause the padlock's mechanism to become stuck. This can be resolved by spraying the key with powdered graphite and then inserting the key in and out repeatedly. This will cover the inside of the lock, making it slide more easily.

Rust is another problem that can stop the operation of a padlock. It happens when iron bonds with oxygen and water to create flake of rust. This type of build-up is of concern when the padlock is exposed to moisture, such as in a lawn where there is a sprinkler system or in garages and sheds where the doors are open often.

Cold weather can also cause padlocks to freeze which can cause the formation of ice within the housing, which can hinder the operation. It's easy to thaw the ice by soaking the lock in warm water, but be sure that any moisture has been removed from the housing before heating it up.

A damaged key is the most common reason why a padlock won't open. You'll not be able to remove the key from the lock without help from a professional. If you have a Spare Motorcycle Keys key you can either try to straighten it , or get a replacement from a locksmith.


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